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At least 75% of the merchandise in Sassafras Creek Originals is made in American, many items made by myself. The style of the items available are in the Colonial/primitive and Classic Early American style, but there is something for everyone, even if your home or personal taste does not fall into that category. The store specializes in home décor and gifts.

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Sassafras Creek Originals was started by the painting of game boards.

One day while in an antique store, Kandye Mahurin spotted an old hand-painted game board, but she considered it to be well out of her price range. However, she was inspired to paint and age on to look like the antique. It turned out so well, selling them a various shows in the local area was her next decision. Early on, a few were sold to well-known Early American stores in nearby St. Louis and St. Charles, MO.

Then came the notion to try hand sewn band boxes. Kandye has always been fascinated by the containers and boxes people used during the Colonial period, especially the colorful band boxes of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. These were usually hand sewn, covered on the outside with wallpaper scraps and lined with newspaper.


A book at her home about antique containers helped get her started with making her own versions of those boxes using reproduction copies of antique papers, also which are hand sewn.

Another featured item is called chalkware. Plaster of Paris is poured into old, German chocolate candy molds. They are then unmolded, hand painted and aged. Usually, the items are accessorized with mica glitter and each Santa with tiny Christmas trees.

In German, the Santa figurines are referred to as a Belsnickel. They are usually stern faced and wearing fur robes. The word Belsnickel means Nicholas in furs.




My name is Kandye Mahurin and I am a self-taught artist painting in the Early American time period. I have been a resident of Missouri all my life and my passion is art and history. I have been chosen by Early American Life Magazine’s Directory of top 200 traditional American craftsmen the past 7 years. I am a wife, mother of two sons and grandmother of 5 grandchildren.


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Sassafras Creek Originals is a unique shop in Colonial Ste. Geneviève, MO which offers early American home decor and gifts. Step back in time to the early days of a French Colonial town as you browse our shop. We have many items that are handcrafted in America in the primitive and colonial style. Something unique for everyone!

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Hand craftsmanship and the heirloom quality of each piece is the primary reason customers fall in love with Sassafras Creek Originals. Every item is unique, made to last and worthy of being handed down to the next generation. Each are an example of items from times past in the early days of America.

Select items may be customized by color and/or size according to the individual's preference.

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